We love meeting talented individuals with a thirst for the crazy startup journey and a passion for bringing people together offline. Please email jobs@trywhim.com if you're interested in joining our team. We're angel-funded and backed by 500 Startups (Batch 10, San Francisco).

iOS Engineer #2 (3rd technical hire)

There is always so much to build and so little time. You know how to walk the line between startup speed and agility, and a sustainable long-term outlook. Must-haves are:

- Both Objective C and Swift
- 5+ years developing consumer-facing mobile apps
- Startup/entrepreneurial experience in a startup-speed environment

Growth/Marketing Lead

How do you scale a dating app from 10,000 users to 100,000 and beyond? You are an analytical, energetic, and versatile growth specialist with experience in paid acquisition (especially Facebook and Instagram), earned PR, influencer marketing, email marketing, branding, and community. Must-haves are:

- Experience creating and managing paid ad campaigns
- Experience forging marketing partnerships with a clear ROI
- Have secured PR for a company or startup
- Have managed email campaigns for a company or startup
- Have grown a community