New Dating App Whim Eliminates Messaging, Skips Right to the Date
Users’ chances of meeting in real life 600% higher than on major dating apps

SAN FRANCISCO, September 14, 2016
— In the world of modern dating, a new app is taking a revolutionary approach -- sending singles on actual dates.

Founded by OkCupid Labs alum Eve Peters, Whim factors in users’ schedules, locations and preferences and instantly arranges an in-person date at a bar or café for those who match.

Even more unusual, Whim is also the first dating app without a messaging feature, eliminating the endless back-and-forth conversations that often fizzle out or result in one party “ghosting” on major dating apps and websites.

“We launched Whim because people are frustrated with the time and energy they spend texting, waiting for replies and coordinating plans on other dating apps,” said Peters. “Whim is for people who want to make face-to-face connections instead of staring at their phones and going nowhere. It’s a 2016 innovation that--in a way--harkens back to the way people dated in 1985.”

According to a survey the company conducted of its users, matches on most major dating apps result in dates less than 11 percent of the time. The majority of sent messages go unanswered. For the rare matches that eventually do lead to a real-life meeting, it takes an average of two weeks of texting back and forth to get from messaging to the date.

On the other hand, on Whim, matches result in dates nearly 70 percent of the time -- more than 6x the success rate of other apps. Whim arranges a date instantly once two users who have mutually selected each other indicate that they’re free on the same night; the app then allows them to communicate via their personal phone numbers.

In addition to ensuring users’ safety through manually reviewing each new profile and collecting feedback after every date, Whim also sets an expectation for user behavior by setting up dates at cocktail bars, wine bars, and cafés. This helps set the tone of the app as a platform for legitimate dates - versus fleeting sexual encounters.

“Whim automatically self-selects for people who are more relationship-oriented. It appeals to those who really want to meet and connect, as opposed to those just swiping and messaging for fun,” added Peters.            

Whim launches nationwide in the U.S. on September 14, 2016 after undergoing successful public beta testing in several cities. It is now available for download in the iOS App Store.            

The service is currently free, and users have the option to upgrade to Star Membership in order to access premium features. In the future, the company plans to work with bars, restaurants, and other businesses to offer deals on food and drinks.  


Whim is an app that coordinates curated first dates for singles more eager to meet in person than spend hours messaging back-and-forth. Using scheduling tools, venue algorithms and matching processes, Whim delivers an online-to-offline experience that feels seamless and delightful. Download the app on the iOS App Store or learn more at

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