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Best Cheap And Fun College Dating Ideas In 2020

Dating in college can be very exciting. Not only are you finally an adult, but you might also be living away from home for the first time.

Compared to when your parents began dating in college, dating has completely changed. Now you will not only have the opportunity to meet potential dates in your classes, but you also have the option to use dating apps!

Whether you are looking for college dating ideas that are different from “Netflix and Chill” or you simply need a bit of information before your begin dating, here are a few tips that every student should know before going on a college date in 2020. 

1. Wait until the second month of college to get into a relationship

Try not to jump into a relationship right away when you get to college. It is always a great idea to wait at least a couple of months. This way you can meet many different people and focus on yourself. After the first few month’s you can begin focusing more on other people who you might want to make your official significant other.

2. Some people want to hook up with you, but may not want to date you

The unfortunate truth is that in college some people may want to kiss you, but that does not mean they want to date you.

College might be the first time that you encounter people who are specifically looking to hook up, but not date. This does not mean they don’t like you, but they may not be emotionally available for more. 

Be aware of this, and if you are looking for more, you should have a conversation about it to avoid getting hurt.

3. Your education always comes first

It might seem appealing to avoid studying in order to go on a date, but this is not the right choice! If your partner or potential date is asking you to avoid your classwork or classes in order to spend time with them, then they are probably not the best partner. 

Always prioritize your education because if you don’t, then you may not be able to stick around in college as long as you hoped for.

4. Many college students are on low budgets

You may come to find that many of the individuals that you are dating are on low budgets. This is very common with college students, so you should try to think of cheap date ideas for college students. Also, try to understand that you may end up splitting bills rather than having one person pay for the entire bill.

5. You do not have to date in college

Sometimes the best way you can know how to date in college is to not date at all. Just because you are meeting people that you are enjoying spending time with does not mean that you have to commit yourself. 

You have your entire life to have relationships, if you would rather only have casual dates (or not date at all) in college, then you should do that. 

6. First date ideas for college students

  • Study together and get your schoolwork finished while on a date
  • Have a movie marathon such as the entire “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings” series
  • Go to the gym together
  • Cook at home together rather than spend money going out
  • Go stargazing
  • Play a sports game outside such as soccer or basketball
  • Make tie-dye t-shirts
  • Go to the dining hall together for dinner

7. If you plan to be sexually active on your dates, be safe

Hooking up on dates is a common part of college life. Typically college campuses offer sexual resources in the health center. If you do plan to be sexually active, be safe, use protection, and get tested often. 

8. Your date does not have to be complicated

Sometimes coming up with college first date ideas can be tricky. Try to relax, and let your dates flow naturally. Participate in daily activities together while getting to know one another. 

9. Do more than “Netflix and Chill”

Although many people talk about the classic “Netflix and Chill” date, try to leave this for further into your relationship. You will not learn anything about your date during these types of events, and it is best to save it for when you already know each other. 

10. Use your student ID for discounts

Many date ideas for college students can include using your student ID. Your student ID can help you get into museums, sporting events, or even discounts on restaurants like Qdoba, Subway, and McDonald’s.

11. Ask each other questions

It is very important to get to know the person you are dating. One way to do this is by creating a list of 20 questions, sitting down together, and asking each other these questions one by one. Although this is not one of your standard first date ideas college is about new experiences. 

12. Go to an arcade

Save some of your coins and go to an arcade to battle it out. This will not only be a great time, but you will also see how they handle winning or losing. 

13. Picnik in the park

As a great low-cost date option, take a blanket and some food to the park. You can enjoy the outdoors for a day while enjoying your date’s company and truly getting to know one another. 

14. Go to a drive-in theatre and watch the same movie twice

Drive-in movie theatres are great for dating in college because you are allowed to stay as long as you want! This means you can watch the movie first, and then joke around, talk, or discuss other topics during the second time around. 

15. Go “thrifting” at second-hand stores

Rather than just go shopping at a thrift store, you can each take $5-$10 and pick out an outfit for the other person. 

You can also make it a competition. Whoever picks out a better outfit for the other person…that other person has to wear their funky outfit for the rest of the day.

16. Celebrate Halloween together

Celebrating holidays is always a great time, but even more fun in college. Most college students go all in and dress up for Halloween. Visiting a Halloween party with your date, carving pumpkins, or making your costumes together are all great college date ideas.

17. It is ok if you break up with your high school significant other

If you plan to go to college with a significant other, be aware that you might end up breaking up. This is ok. This will also give you the opportunity to grow and go on other dates with new people.

18. Watch a school sporting event

Many school sporting events, like a swim meet or soccer game, are free for college students to attend. This can be a great way to celebrate your school spirit. 

If you are interested in going to a football game this will typically cost money, but student tickets tend to be cheaper, and it is something you must experience at least once during college.

19. Enjoy a hike or other nature

The outdoors are usually free to experience so this is a perfect date for college students. Find a trail, throw on your sneakers or hiking shoes, and enjoy the outdoors together. 

20. Watch a sunrise after pulling an all-nighter studying

In college, you will spend your fair share of times staying up all night, hyped up on caffeine, in order to study for an exam or finish a paper. Since you will be up anyway, have your date meet you to watch the sunrise together. College dates ideas like this are ones that will truly be remembered for the rest of your life.

Don’t take dating in college too seriously

College won’t last forever, and for most people, it lasts around four years. Try to enjoy the time you have to date in college, but don’t take it too seriously and make things complicated. Spend time with new friends, make the most out of cheap college dates, and above all be true to yourself.

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