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10 Secret Keys to Successful Dating Goal Setting in 2020

Throughout the years dating goals have completely changed. Dating goals in the year 1920 was simply to look for a partner. In 2020, having an “Instagram perfect lifestyle” is often considered a relationship goal. But will having a picture-perfect looking relationship actually add value to your life? Most likely not. 

To answer this question, it is important to find out what a true dating goal for couples is in 2020. Setting your expectations high, and including love, respect, and value on your list of couple goals are a great start to making a relationship goals checklist in 2020.

1. Stop looking for someone

If you are currently not in a relationship but wish you were in one, then your first dating goal in 2020 should be to stop looking for a relationship! Instead, work on yourself, and let the relationship find you. 

If you are always looking for someone else, then a few situations might occur. The first is that you might seem desperate. The second is that you won’t be focusing on being the best person you can be. Put yourself first, and allow a possible partner to be received into your life.

2. You add to each other’s life

One of the main goals for a healthy relationship is to be with someone who adds to your life. You should both be bringing positive attitudes into your relationship. 

If you feel like the relationship is one-sided and you are the only person bringing something to your pair, then you most likely have a problem.

3. You can joke around, but also be serious

Having a relationship where you can joke around with each other is so important. Fun and games, laughing, and making jokes is much needed in a relationship goals checklist. Despite this, you also need to be able to be serious together as well. 

In life, there will be many ups and downs, and the way you handle them is what will dictate the success of your relationship.

4. Have similar end goals

You might get along perfectly well in day to day life, but if you do not have the same end goals then things just won’t work out. Setting relationship goals such as marriage and children, or even the opposite of being a couple without children, is necessary for a relationship.

By setting these goals together at the start of your relationship will allow you to avoid being surprised and getting hurt a few years down the road. 

5. Be respectful of each other’s time

When you first start dating it can be easy to spend all your time together. One goal that should be on your list of relationship goals is to maintain your own time outside of the relationship.

Whether this means keeping up with your hobbies, setting time aside for friends, or even just alone time, it is important that you and your partner respect that time. 

Another way that your partner might respect your time is by responding to you quickly and never leaving you waiting. This means that they value your time, and you should do the same.

6. Have shared interests

Having shared interests should be on your list of girlfriend and boyfriend goals. Whether this is a love of the same style of food, enjoying walking in the park, or love of soccer, this can bring you together as a couple. 

Although you do not need to participate in the same exact hobbies as your significant other, finding small things that you can enjoy together is important. You might even start a new hobby together! This will allow you to grow and change as a couple.

7. Embrace your independence

Sometimes couples goals are individual goals as well. Embracing your independence in a relationship is one of those goals. You and your partner should support one another and allow for space. This way you can truly grow as individual people as well. 

8. Go on experimental dates

Rather than grabbing a drink, or going to dinner, there are other and more exciting dates you can participate in. This might include a cooking class, going wine tasting, a food tour, or even something like taking a tennis lesson together. 

Also, a great reminder is that dates do not always need to be expensive and extraordinary. Dates can be doing chores together or going food shopping. As long as you are spending time having fun together, you are fulfilling date goals. 

9. Shared values

Even if you have nothing in common with the person you are dating, the most important dating goals you can have is to have the same values. Values are basically the beliefs that you believe in without a doubt. This includes morals, religion, and family values. 

If you are planning to spend forever with someone, then the ultimate couple goals are to share the same values.

10. Stay loyal

For many couples, part of their couples relationship goals is to be in a monogamous relationship. This is not the case for every couple, but there is one aspect of this that should be incorporated in your future relationship goals and that is being loyal.

Loyalty means different things to different couples, but typically it means not lying to one another. Whether that means not cheating, or simply always being transparent, this is not always easy for everyone. If you are able to stay loyal, it will end up with your relationship being stronger in the end. 

Relationship goal setting

Goals are important in a relationship because they allow you to have something to reach towards. Whether that means setting goals on your own while you wait for a partner, setting goals with a new partner, or even in an older relationship, it is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. 

Sometimes setting goals might require some sacrifice and work, but in the end, it will strengthen the chance for success and the quality of your relationship.

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